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About Me


        I trained in two PhD programs, one which emphasized short-term, problem-focused approaches to change and one which emphasized how these problems developed.  Consequently, my approach to therapy, supervision, and consultation often involves a blend of pragmatic strategies to address current problems as well as some exploration of their contexts and historical roots. Regardless of the format, I have a tremendous respect for the healing power of a good working relationship and my work consistently reflects that focus.

Dr. Lawry is a fellow of the Georgia Psychological Association where she has served as Board Chair of the Division of Women Psychologists.  She has been recognized for her work in social justice.  She teaches both undergraduates and graduate students in the Psychology Department at Georgia State University and her courses include Abnormal Psychology, Multiculturalism, Intimate Relationships, Theories of Psychotherapy and Clinical Skills. She consults and presents workshops on a variety of topics and concerns which can be developed to meet the needs of your organization. Her research interests include Well-Being and the Impostor Phenomenon.