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Sample of Workshops

"The Ethics of Self-Care for Healers and Activists" Multicultural Conference. Georgia State University 

"The Ethics of Self-Care"  Dept of Juvenile Justice: Atlanta, GA. 

Beyond Cultural Competency: Psychologists as Agents of Social Change"  Georgia Psychological Association

"Managing Stress, Impostor Phenomenon, and Burnout" American Society of Pharmacists MidYear Conference. Anaheim, California

"Impostor Phenomenon: Mitigating a Silent Career Barrier" Center of Women in Medicine and Science Retreat. University of Minnesota

"Impostor Phenomenon: I've Got My Doctorate, Why do I still feel like a Fake?"  Post-Doctoral Conference. University of Utah

"Impostor Phenomenon: Breaking a Silent Barrier to Advancement and Satisfaction" Women's Leadership Conference. Georgia Institute of Technology

"Impostor Phenomenon: When Feeling like a Fraud impacts your Bottom Line"  Ladies Get Paid.  Atlanta, Georgia

"Compassion Fatigue: When Being a First Responder Impacts YOUR Responding" Georgia State University

"Complex Issues in Treating Trauma" Georgia State University Counseling Center

"The Art and Science of Treating Trauma: Creativity in Healing Trauma"  

 "Developing a Private Practice"  Professional Development Conference: Georgia Psychology Interns.  Atlanta, Georgia. 

"Bones, Rocks, and Stars: Complex Relational Issues in Therapy."   GPA Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA.

 “Aha”: Moments You Can Hold.  Keynote Address. Georgia Social Workers Annual Conference.  Atlanta, GA.

 Are We There Yet? A Surprising Look at the Status of Women.  Georgia Psychological Association Joint Family Law Institute Conference. Sandestin, Florida

 A State Psychological Association Stands Up Against Discrimination. An Invited Address.  American Psychological Association: New Orleans, Louisiana

Them Bones: A Wandering into the Role of Creativity in Negotiating Burn-Out.  Georgia Psychological Association. Mid-Winter Conference. Asheville, North Carolina.